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We bridge passion, education, and technology to provide convenient, enjoyable and quality music education for our music students!

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How we do it?

We personalize lessons to your learning style.

What parents are saying:

“Other than the lesson itself, we value the feedback of our teacher with regards to the proper posture, height (ergonomics) when playing piano. Warm up exercise is also great for the student before the session. Teacher Jen establishes a good rapport with Davy. My son is looking forward to each session with Teacher Jen.”- Mrs. Rodriguez, mom of Davy

“Amazing team and teachers! Thank you.” – Daphne Cariño, mom of Chloe

“We have come across of Music Classroom only through their Facebook page and thought we’d give it a try since we are looking for an online coach for voice lesson for our children.They reply to my inquiries promptly and the registration was easy. Their instructor is very effective as my children look forward to their session every week and we might register for another class in the future.” – Mrs. Labrador, mom of Alexa

“We love your instructors! They are very patient and very understanding with the kids, and keeps the kids engaged and happy with their lessons!”- Mrs. Peralta, mom of Cephyr and Natalja

“Our teacher is so great with kids ♥️. My husband and I are fully confident that our little boy’s piano learning experience is wonderful. 🙂 She’s one reason we keep on enrolling 🙂” – Mrs. Ramiro, mom of Caleb