What do Charlie Puth, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, John Legend, Bruno Mars all have in common? They all learned to play the piano when they were young! Learn the fundamentals of playing piano with our experienced friendly piano teachers! From basic finger technique, note reading, developing listening skills to learning chords and interpretation, our teachers are qualified to instruct beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Discover the joy of playing traditional tunes, classical pieces, pop songs and world music on the piano! Lessons are customized according to the student’s learning style to ensure an optimal and enjoyable process-based one-on-one learning with our nurturing teachers! 

Basic course fee: PHP 3000 for 5 sessions 30mins


Unleash your vocal skills with our experienced voice teachers! Be the next broadway star, Disney Princess, BTS, and be a rockstar! Enjoy singing a wide array of genres from classical, pop, broadway, Disney, jazz, while building the foundation for your voice to soar. Develop an ear, sing with precision, extend range, learn breath support, and hone stability and power for your voice to interpret songs in different styles!

Basic course fee: PHP 3,000 for 5 sessions 30mins


Guitar and Ukulele

Learn songs, develop finger technique and strength, and strum to the beat with our guitar and ukulele teachers! Our lessons are designed for beginner and intermediate students to learn more about the foundations of proper guitar playing. Develop technique, identify notes, learn chords and hone a sense of rhythm and beat with our teachers!

Basic course fee: PHP 3,000 for 5 sessions 30mins



Let your violin come to life with the guidance of our highly qualified teachers! Develop finger and arm strength, technique, a critical ear, and hone rhythm as you play a variety of tunes on the violin! Our teachers are happy to teach you more about the bow, the different strings, hand positions and notes on the instrument and how to play them like a pro in this course! 

Basic course fee: PHP 3,000 for 5 sessions 30mins



Groove to the rhythm and beat by learning to play the drums! Our drum lessons cover the fundamentals such as reading and playing different rhythmic patterns and developing inner rhythm and beat, identifying functions and playing different parts of the instrument. Play the percussion parts of songs you groove to, and discover the heartbeat of music through the guidance of our professional teachers! Enjoy learning pace that is right for you.

Basic course fee: PHP 3,000 for 5 sessions 30mins



Learn all the basics of the saxophone from getting familiar with the parts of the instrument  to producing and listening for a good sound! This course covers the basic elements of music such as reading music, recognizing and playing notes on the instrument, learning scales and exercises to produce good tones on the saxophone! Start your saxophone journey with us and play your favorite tunes!



Have you always been curious about playing this melodious instrument? Our flute teachers will be happy to teach you how assemble, care, and identify the different parts of the instrument, how to produce a good sound, read and interpret music notation, form correct posture and technique, recognizing and playing each note on the flute as well as playing familiar tunes! Enjoy a comfortable pace and a good learning space with our friendly teachers!

Basic course fee: PHP 5,400.00 for 12 sessions 30mins